FinanceMe Referrer Program

Referral Commission paid for Settled Loans

Who can become a Referrer?

Anyone based in Australia can become a FinanceMe Referrer. This means that any business or individual that has a registered abn and has not been banned from engaging in credit activities can refer loans, and if that visitor applies for a loan above $100,000 and that loan then proceeds through to full settlement we will pay to the person who referred the customer a referral fee.

People or businesses in related fields are in the best position to refer work to us (such as Accountants, Lawyers, Conveyancers, Real Estate Agents, Buyers Agents, Financial Advisors etc – but not limited to).

If you have clients that require specialist mortgage finance, not able to be adequately serviced by banks or other intermediaries, that is where we can help! Also we have access to a full range of Prime Lenders on our panel of lenders.

Referral Commission

A flat Commission of 0.20% of Settled Loan Amount + GST is payable 30 days after settlement of a loan of $100,000 and above. All referral fees will be disclosed to the borrower prior to providing any services

How does it work?

Register First then just send us an email and mention the name and contact details of the potential client and a brief scenario of the loan that they may be interested in. We will then contact that client and if a settlement is made, you will receive a referrer payment – Application must be lodged within 60 days of your contact with Non Conforming Loans

How do I register?

To register please send us an email and we will send you our referrer agreement.